Welcome to the science fiction pages

Science Fiction is huge, its one of the biggest steams of literature and even though some people do not appreciate the art of science fiction books and science fiction DVD’s it has long been considered one of the major contributions to world literature.

There are so many different kind of fiction books, from the fantastic imaginary world existing thousands of years ago to the futuristic robot wars, you can find great diversity from one to the other, and even more you can find some people who are exclusively reading one kind of science fiction type only.

Another thing that is amazing in science fiction is that the adaptation to television and cinema has been very successful, the result is that some of the screenplays produced on the big screen are still very interesting to watch today, in fact science fiction DVD’s are very popular and many choose to buy these DVDs for the simple fact that they are fast becoming icons and must haves.

No need to elaborate on science fiction book club and books, these make the bread and butter of every fiction fan, reading them by the dozens and collecting every vital piece of information, numbers, names of races and monumental events.

If you are a fan, or if you are jus thinking of becoming one, these pages will try and provide some information and help.